23 mai 2006

Tango Project

Tango Project is a project that aims exists to help create a consistent graphical user interface experience for free and Open Source software.
It's very interesting, at least for me it is :)

07 mai 2006

Linus vs. Tanenbaum

Here you can read a interesting dialog between two of the most well known names of IT technology. Enjoy and don't get to involved ! :)

25 aprilie 2006

Lambda Probe

Lambda Probe (formerly known as Tomcat Probe) is a tool for monitoring and management of Apache Tomcat instance in real time. Lambda Probe will help you to visualize real time information about Apache Tomcat instance via easy to use and friendly web interface.

I especially liked the user interface, which is clear, simple and intuitive !

Lipstik LnF

Lipstik LnF is a nice look and feel, kind of sober color combination.. but very nice indeed !

28 martie 2006

Apache MINA

Apache MINA (Multipurpose Infrastructure for Network Applications) is a network application framework which helps users develop high performance and high scalability network applications easily.
Nice job ! Worth a try !

Dual Processor vs Dual Core

Dual Processor vs Dual Core is interesting stuff for those wondering for a buy .. or just for the fun of argument.

Desktop Backgrounds

This site is a very interesting resource of fine desktop backgrounds .. very nice !

06 martie 2006

Free! Icons for your website or application at MaxPower

Free! Icons for your website or application at MaxPower
A nice place to go when searching for the right icon for your site or application. Beware of the license though !