10 august 2005

GNU Source-highlight

GNU Source-highlight You wanted at a moment in time to publish some source code into a web page and the formatting and highlight of code was difficult ? Here's a solution for your problem. (I know for mine it is ..)

Introducing the JDesktop Integration Components

Introducing the JDesktop Integration Components If you missed some of the native integrated functionalities of java .. this is a place to be accustomed with such functionalities provided by JDIC.

09 august 2005

Swing: Component Titled Border ...

Swing: Component Titled Border ...: If you were wondering about or wishing to have a titled border with a component (like a checkbox as in Santhosh Kumar's example) .. this article can help you accomplish that ..

Hibernate: Externalize HQL Queries ...

Hibernate: Externalize HQL Queries ...: Thanks to R.J.Lorimer we have another thing to think about when we use Hibernate in our projects .. :)

08 august 2005

Apache Derby 10.1.1 Released

Apache Derby 10.1.1 Released: "The Apache Database Project has released Apache Derby (formerly Cloudscape), an open source SQL database written in pure Java that supports JDBC. New features in this release include:
* A network client driver
* Support for J2ME/CDC/Foundation with JSR-169 JDBC subset
* Online compress functionality for reclaiming disk space during operation
* XA support for Network Server
* Identifiers can contain up to 128 characters
* JDBC Updatable Result Sets
* ORDER by expressions
* Allow insertions into an identity column
* Support for explicit Java method signature in function and procedure definitions

Hibernate: Tuning Lazy Fetching

Hibernate: Tuning Lazy Fetching: As the previous tip from R.J. Lorimer was referring to Hibernate Lazy Fetching, is now time for tuning, isn't it ?
A well written article with samples .. all you need for digging deep into Hibernate Fetching mechanism ..
Enjoy your reading !

07 august 2005

EclipseZone - An online community by and for Eclipse users everywhere

EclipseZone - An online community by and for Eclipse users everywhere For those usual visitors of JavaLobby there is a new place to look for.. a site dedicate to Eclipse users. Join me in the quest :)