28 octombrie 2005

27 octombrie 2005

Browser launcher in Java

BrowserLauncher is a nice library to use in case you need to launch the default platform browser from java application.

25 octombrie 2005


LogDistiller is a log files analysis tool. It reads log files, parses them into structured log events with attributes, then classify them according rules configured in an XML file. Classification results go into reports, which are published according to the rules configuration : simply stored in a file, sent by mail, or even added in a news feed.
For me it seems to be of use in parsing and analysing log4j generated files.

Swing: Get Started with Flexdock

Swing: Get Started with Flexdock is a nice artcle about a open source project that offers you the posibility to create complex docking application like Eclipse or Netbeans.
Worth a look !
PS: the link is not correctly written in the article, the real one is https://flexdock.dev.java.net/

24 octombrie 2005

SwingFX: Using the Draggable API

SwingFX: Using the Draggable API is an interesting article about creating GUIs with drag and drop utilisability feature in a easier way.