13 ianuarie 2006

truelicense: The TrueLicense Library Collection

truelicense: The TrueLicense Library Collection is a collection of Java packages used to securely create, install and verify application licenses for closed source applications.
Looks like a nice thing to try .. and use in some context.

11 ianuarie 2006

Gnash - GNU Flash Movie Player

Gnash - GNU Project Flash movie player is based on GameSWF, and supports many SWF v7 features.
Runs standalone: Gnash can run standalone to play flash movies.
Firefox plugin: Gnash can also run as a plugin from within Firefox.
SWF v7 compliant: Gnash can play many current flash movies.
XML Message server: Gnash also supports an XML based message system as is documented in the Flash Format specification.
High Quality Output: Gnash uses OpenGL for rendering the graphics.