08 octombrie 2005

New project in final stage

As all of you that used or use the Apache Derby Database know, there is no well known GUI for interfacing with the database. I'm working on a project that uses Derby database as embeded database and I needed to create, test the structure and the data inside .. so that was the beggining of developing a simple user interface for using Derby as a network database server, creating databases and a simple front end for issueing SQL commands.
In a couple of days the "product" will be ready to be published as open source project.

06 octombrie 2005


Have you really missed in your java applications the animated box rising from the bottom of the screen with a notification message (like guifications or yahoo messenger) ?
If so, JToaster is the swing solution, and best of all is free and opensource !

05 octombrie 2005

Stopped Clock Blog

When it comes to real appreciation, this is one site you can visit often..I really recommend it.
You can find here nice piece of information about graphics and user interface tricks ... real nice ..and pleasing for your eyes.
From here you can discover the icon set of OpenOffice or Gnome 2 or one interesting free editor Inkscape.
There will be followups about me using Inkscape.

03 octombrie 2005

Java Splash Screen in Mustang

For a GUI developer in Java a splash screen was one of the "facilities" that demonstrates the quickness of java .. because even the splash screen was appearing with a delay of some seconds. Yet, the time is changing .. and Mustang is about to bring new possibilities.
Some nice article on an interesting feature !