10 noiembrie 2005

Java 6 TabComponents in action

Alexander Potochkin's Blog: TabComponents in action is a nice article about JTabbedPane components in next Java version, the long waited (for me) Mustang version.
There are good news about java components flexibility !

iReport - version 0.5.2 released

iReport is releasing first version after the partnership with JasperSoft and it's adding new features and bugfixes:
* Partial support for JasperReports 1.1.0 (crosstabs, styles and frames are not yet supported)
* Improved log window
* Fixed all templates
* Serveral bug fixes and improvements
For long run users like me this is good news !!

09 noiembrie 2005

Eclipse Platform 3.2 M3 Released

Eclipse Platform 3.2 Milestone 3 was released on second of november, and there are some news you would be glad to hear about.
Enjoy your reading the of newsworthy and ... go for download mirrors !

Mr Schedule

Mr Schedule is a simple tool for making time estimates and keeping track of your todo items as the author describes it.
It has a nice interface based on JGoodies Looks and Animation and a Eclipse icon subset.
I'll try to see if the functionality stands up to the User Interface ! :)

editor PSPad - freeware editor

editor PSPad - freeware HTML editor, PHP editor, XHTML, JavaScript, ASP, Perl, C, HEX editor is a nice product I'll give it a try, seems to me very cappable..I'm mostly interested right now in editing html files with some code completion and the CSS files too ...

Project management and task management software: Basecamp

Project management and task management software: Basecamp is a interesting tool to make your project more efficient. There are multiple bussines plan to sign up for.
Nice user interface too (from their screenshots only).

GTDTiddlyWiki - try this !!

GTDTiddlyWiki - your simple client side wiki is a very interesting way to tell me that web apps can be extremely good looking and fueled by nice visual effects !
I might give this a try ! You might give this a look !:)

08 noiembrie 2005

jTDS JDBC driver 1.2 released

jTDS JDBC driver 1.2 released with new features and bug fixes.
For Java programmers with SQL Server or Sybase database access applications

07 noiembrie 2005

Apple Intel PowerBooks 'to debut Q1 2006'

Apple Intel PowerBooks 'to debut Q1 2006' is just a rumour but I'm very curious about their new products .. even if I am a fresh owner of a AMD Turion Windows based notebook.

06 noiembrie 2005

.:: QuickServer ::. version 1.4.6 released

.:: QuickServer ::. with the new version 1.4.6. adds some new features like
# Support to specify the maximum number of threads to be used for NIO writes.
# Full integration with ClientEventHandler and comes with default implementation.
# Added support to set default DataMode.
# Now shipped with ready to use Unix shell scripts.
# Added support for ClientExtendedEventHandler.
# Added support to configure initial pool size.
# Introducing new ClientAuthenticationHandler (replacing Authenticator).
# Separated QSAdminGUI to a separate jar.
# Improved logging, ClientHandler.
# Added new QSAdmin command 'client-handler-pool-dump'.
# Improved ThreadPool for performance

Enjoy your new java server library !