06 august 2005

Eclipse Platform Project Draft 3.2 Plan

Eclipse Platform Project Draft 3.2 Plan: "Eclipse Platform Project
DRAFT 3.2 Plan"
It's better to know what's your future with the favorite IDE (at least mine) .. isn't it ?

Politics of User Interface Design

Politics of User Interface Design: "An understanding of good user interface design eludes most people. And most couldnÂ’t tell a good design if it hit them. The one true test, however, of quality is in the usersÂ’ feedback. It is important that we designers use this to our advantage"
Some truth is difficult to be understand. But I'll keep on trying ..

05 august 2005

EJBCA - The J2EE Certificate Authority

EJBCA - The J2EE Certificate Authority: "EJBCA is a fully functional Certificate Authority. Based on J2EE technology it constitutes a robust, high performance and component based CA. Both flexible and platform independent, EJBCA can be used standalone or integrated in any J2EE application."
For those interested in a Certificate Authority solution customizable and accesible, it's a piece of software to look after. I know I am .. :)
I'm watching their efforts for over 2 year ..

Jaccal - smart card data access library

Jaccal - smart card data access library ...Jaccal was developed to allow easy acccess to smart cards to more developers. Traditionally smart card access is through bits and bytes and through sending byte arrays to the smart card, and programming access to the smart card is tedious and requires a great deal of understanding of the card specifications.
Still, I'm waiting for the final JSR 268: JavaTM Smart Card I/O API implementation as I did fight for accessing Schlumberger Access Cards 2 years ago using Open Card Framework 1.2. The result was reached after 3 terrible months because of the APDU level .. the OCF1.2. was not supported by Schlumberger.

Wicket Web Application Framework

Wicket - Home: "Wicket is a Java web application framework that takes simplicity, separation of concerns and ease of development to a whole new level. Wicket pages can be mocked up, previewed and later revised using standard WYSIWYG HTML design tools. Dynamic content processing and form handling is all handled in Java code using a first-class component model backed by POJO data beans that can easily be persisted using your favourite technology."

04 august 2005

Enhance JGoodies Looks on JTabbedPane

I'm using for a period JGoodies Looks for displaying a polished face of my applications and I did like the demo of Karsten Lentzsch -Metamorphosis- so I becomed interested in obtaining the same effect of JTabbedPane tab header. The setting
tabbedPane.putClientProperty(Options.EMBEDDED_TABS_KEY, Boolean.TRUE);
helps but is not enough as the result is
A closer look like this

is obtained if you overwrite PlasticTabbedPaneUI method for
protected void paintText(Graphics g, int tabPlacement, Font font, FontMetrics metrics, int tabIndex, String title, Rectangle textRect, boolean isSelected) with using a derived Bold font
protected void paintTabBackground(Graphics g, int tabIndex, int x, int y, int w, int h, boolean isSelected) with a GradientPaint on tab's header width.

03 august 2005

Hibernate: Understanding Lazy Fetching

Hibernate: Understanding Lazy Fetching: I found last night a interesting and well explained Hibernate article on JavaLobby web site authored by R.J.Lorimer and since Hibernate is on my interest list....and I belive yours too..I publish here a link to it. Thank you, R.J.

Nuvola icons by David Vignoni

Nuvola icon repository Being interested by GUI makes me look for the most attractive icons for applications .. and I found that Nuvola is a nice source of high quality icons .. works well with java applications even on Windows.

Creating a custom UI delegate for JTabbedPane

Jon Lipsky’s Weblog » Creating a custom UI delegate for JTabbedPane One nice and complete example of what you can accomplish with JTabbedPane .. and the step by step aproach is encouraging .. the source code is a plus :)

02 august 2005

Your Last Chance

Your Last Chance If you think is hard to find some Java related stuff, you should try this link.. if is not here that means that you will have a hard job searching .. :)
A comprehensive list of links ..something like a bookmark store ..

Desktop Java Features in Mustang

Update: Desktop Java Features in Mustang: For those interested for he future of java development and eager for using new improved features in Java Desktop Development here is a link to give you a clue of the path we are going on.

Swing: Use an Accessory to Spice Up JFileChooser ...

Swing: Use an Accessory to Spice Up JFileChooser...: Interesting article for those interested in adding custom features to JFileGhooser, in this particular situation a image preview option. Worth more than a look ..

01 august 2005

JUMP GIS Project

Vivid Solutions Inc. - PROJECTS: "The JUMP Unified Mapping Platform is a GUI-based application for viewing and processing spatial data. It includes many functions common to other popular GIS products for the analysis and manipulation of geospatial data. The JUMP also provides a highly extensible framework for the development and execution of custom spatial data processing applications.

JUMP offers the following features:
* an interactive workbench for viewing, editing, and processing spatial data
* an API providing full programmatic access to all functions, including I/O, feature-based datasets, visualization, and all spatial operations
* a high degree of modularity and extensibility
* support for major industry standards such as GML and the OpenGIS Consortium's Spatial Object Model
* Open Source code written exclusively in Java™"
Jump was one of the candidates for a GIS viewer implementation in one of my projects, but finally GeoTools 2 was the choosen one because of the previous experience with Geotools 1.
Anyway worth your consideration .. I'm watching them. Alternate site is http://www.jump-project.org/

IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 released today by JetBrains

IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 released today by JetBrains: "IDEA 5.0 brings enhanced support for JSPs, code completion for HTML, CSS and other non-Java file types, Subversion support, and hundreds of other enhancements."
Even if I am a Eclipse user, that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate and respect one of the most powerfully and distinguished IDE for Java (the second in command as I see things). Worth more than one try ..Maybe worth the money to buy it !

Open Source Licensing

Open Source Initiative OSI - Licensing: "For your convenience, we have collected here copies of the licenses approved by OSI. If you distribute your software under one of these licenses, you are permitted to say that your software is 'OSI Certified Open Source Software.'" Nice list of licences for thouse interested in using or releasing open source software.

Javalobby - Java2D: Translate To Simplify Graphics ...

Javalobby - Java J2EE Programming Forums - Java2D: Translate To Simplify Graphics ...: Very interesting tip from R.J. Lorimer for the beginners of Java 2D API and not not only for them.