09 septembrie 2005

2 Weeks off :)

I'll be on vacation 2 weeks from now and my access to internet will be difficult to none ...so "see you" in 2 weeks with some fresh news and brand new ideas !
All the best from a lucky wonderer !

Last before vacantion

The other day I was talking with a colleague about the user interface of the Designer of IBM Document Management System and his attention was attracted by the custom JMenuBar with gradient and a picture ... so today I'm presenting you my implementation. You can specify the color of the gradient and the image that is scaled to the JMenuBar height.
For future improvements I'm waiting for some feedbak !

06 septembrie 2005

Web Content Management System

Magnolia CMS version 2.1 has been released, and even better has open sourced it. Most notable new features:
* full I18N support - delivered with 15 major languages
* native search
* import/export of XML based data
* supports several JSR-170 compliant repository implementations, including the Open Source implementations "Jackrabbit" and "Jeiceira" as well as commercial alternatives.
* improved performance through 70% reduction in number of nodes compared to Magnolia 2.0
* simple war-file drop-in deployment on any J2EE container
* run as many Magnolia sites as you like within a single J2EE container for cost-effective hosting
* choice of two leading cross-browser rich-text editors - Kupu and fckEditor
* vastly improved module mechanism to provide for flexible and easy extensibility
Worth a try .. isn't it ?