28 septembrie 2005

Automated GUI Recorder for Eclipse Platform

The article provides an overview of using a GUI recorder and playback tool that is developed under the TPTP test framework. This tool allows users to record GUI actions in the Eclipse platform and play them back to verify the functionality of their product. It is meant to allow Eclipse developers to automate regression tests that often require many resources to perform repetitive tasks to verify basic functionalities.

For developers of SWT and JFace applications it's a interesting feature .. all Eclipse platform developers should be aware of it. And it's a nice introduction in Test and Performance Tools Platform Project.

Opera 8.5 is free !

I'm very happy to see that Opera released a new version 8.5 of his browser without any ads and payment requirements. It may become my browser of choice because of the speed and features combination. The Windows installer is small enough not to bother you with dowloading it .. :)
I'm not an advertiser but I'd like to hear your comments and reviews ..

26 septembrie 2005

Eclipse 3.2 M2 Released

Here are good news for the users of Eclipse IDE .. especially for those who like to do experiments and enjoy the last features of the platform..
Really, enjoy !