02 februarie 2006

NetBeans IDE 5 released

NetBeans IDE 5.0 final released with a bunch of great new features, among them, the most interesting for me it is the Matisse GUI Editor ... even if I'm a Eclipse guy and I'm mostly doing my GUI job writing code without any prototyping other than paper ..
There are some other interesting stuff, like profiler and refactoring, code editor improvements.
I'll give it a try .. the Netbeans development team deserves more than that, but t's a start.

Software Craftsmanship from simonsayz

Software Craftsmanship: it's a nice entry to read, especially if you do recognize some of your own patterns described. At least, I did ..

Top Java Interview questions

Simonsays: Top Java Interview questions: This blog entry is a interesting and fun one .. it was nice to see how far the inventiveness of the interviewer can go. A discussion on this subject started from this blog entry is also available on Javalobby (http://www.javalobby.org/java/forums/t63002.html).
The quest continues ! :)