09 februarie 2006

Using the Desktop API in Java SE 6 (Mustang)

Using the Desktop API in Java SE 6 (Mustang) is a must read for those interested in developing full-featured desktop applications in Java. It's a nice thing to read about, when you are a Swing application provider too ..
Enjoy ! And hope for sooner beta release of Mustang !

07 februarie 2006

The power of Google Talk

Google Talk is ready to take off in gmail land .. there will be a integrated GoogleTalk client integrated in GMail account, powered by AJAX .. isn't this sweet ? or al least powerfull ? :)
Waiting for the moment ..

06 februarie 2006

Gnome Lazuli Screenshots

Gnome Lazuli Mockups is a place to see the new eventual look of Gnome, a look that I like .. even if KDE is still my favourite.
Worths a look though, even for Windows users ..