05 noiembrie 2005

Hot acquisitions

Last evening was a very good evening for me: I finally managed to get my own notebook, a HP NX6125 Turion based notebook.
As first look, I'm content about the package contents for the spent money. There are some things to be improved ..or some flaws, but I'm trying now to enjoy my new acquisition.
To complete the joy, I did managed to install and configure a wireless router (the D-LINK DI 624+) and the wireless network.

The configuration of the notebook is the following:
- Turion ML-34 1.8Ghz
- 80 GB 5400 Hdd
- 512 MB RAM Infineon DDR333
- SXGA (1400x1050) 15 inch display
- X200 Espress ATI graphics card with 128 MB UMA
- Bluetooth
- Broadcom WIFI a/b/g
- fingerprint sensor for enhanced security
- X90 56K modem
- Windows XP Home (unfortunatelly)

for 1010 EUR (VAT included)
I'll come back with some more and detailed news ..

04 noiembrie 2005

Opteron Madness forces Dell to market IBM servers

The Register says "Opteron Madness forces Dell to market IBM servers" .. it has come to this !
During a Dell-hosted conference call this week with reporters, Kirk Skaugen, Intel's general manager of servers, started detailing new four-way systems based on Intel's Paxville MP chip. Dell needed this chip bad, as its main competitors have had access to a four-way capable Opteron chip from AMD since April.

D- Link Wireless Router DI 624

In my try to build a home wireless network I was interested in getting a wireless router to connect may older Ethernet PC with a new WI-FI notebook.
And I found one very interesting piece of equipment D- Link Wireless Router DI 624 which has a very good reputation and nice reviews.
I'm eager to try it at home, today is the purchase day .. I'll be back with my pertinent comments.

Product Features:
- Up to 108Mbps*
- Advanced Firewall & Parental Control
- Easy Installation
- 802.11g, 802.11b Compatible
- Increased Security with 802.1X and WPA
It has 4 ethernet ports and 1 WAN port.

*(with other selected D-Link devices)

Add [...] button to any TableCellEditor

The article published at Javalobby is an iteresting one and helps implementing a nice usability feature.
JTable allows editing with TableCellEditor. Sometimes the table might contain some complex objects, whose editing may not fit it the small area allocated to TableCellEditor. In such case it is good idea to add custom-editor button to TableCellEditor. CustomEditor is a button with icon [...]. On clicking this button, a more sofisticated UI in a dialog will popup. This is very common in PropertySheets.

Try it and enjoy !

02 noiembrie 2005

Mozilla Firefox 1.5 RC1 Available

The first release candidate of Mozilla Firefox 1.5 is now available for download. Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Release Candidate 1 is intended to allow testers to ensure that there are no last-minute problems with the Firefox 1.5 code. There will be at least one more release candidate before the final launch of 1.5.
Firefox 1.5 RC1 can be downloaded from the Firefox project page. Users of Firefox 1.5 Beta 2 will be offered RC1 through the software update system. More details can be found in the Firefox 1.5 RC1 Release Notes.

01 noiembrie 2005

Mantis Bug Tracker 1.0 rc2

Mantis Bug Tracker is a php/MySQL/web based bugtracking system.
Worth trying it, because it seems to become a more mature product (as the version number shows) and is sustained by more and more companies.

Launch4j version 2.0 released

Launch4j is a Cross-platform Java application wrapper for creating Windows native executables and a software tool to look for when you need a open source solution.
I tried it, one thing I didn't find there is a way to specify the libraries dependencies, the multiple library classpath.
I believe it is posible to specify that in the main jar manifest file, but not in launch4j.

31 octombrie 2005

JasperReports version 1.1.0

JasperReports 1.1.0 has a list of new features, some of them very long waited by me such as styles and frames.
On the other hand is good to know that iReport author (and iReport project) has joined JasperReports. I'm eager to try the new version of iReport after this move.
Best thoughts for JasperReports larger team !

Oracle to offer free database | CNET News.com

Oracle to offer free database : is a hot news, isn't it ?
This is a move related to the DB2 free edition released by IBM for PHP development or the Microsoft intention to release a free Express version of SQL Server 2005.
Oracle 10g Express Edition will be available for use with servers with one processor, with 4GB of disk memory and 1GB of memory.