02 decembrie 2005

EJBCA - The J2EE Certificate Authority - Welcome

EJBCA 3.1.3 is now available: fixing some bugs and releasing some new features like that
Release Notes - EJBCA - Version EJBCA 3.1.3


-[ECA-75] - SCEP not working with Hard token CAs (HSMs)
-[ECA-107] - can't view logs using oracle due to column 'comment'
-[ECA-139] - It is not possible to use a HSM to sign a pkcs10 req to an external root CA.
-[ECA-141] - Unstable default idle-timeout for datasource
-[ECA-144] - Scep not working with Cryptlib
-[ECA-145] - Bug in hard token profile pages, Nullpointer when changing profile type or saving new pages
-[ECA-147] - Star (*) not working in subject alt names
-[ECA-148] - Scep not working with Cisco PIX
-[ECA-149] - unstructuredName/address in DN does not work
-[ECA-153] - cli not working on windows when java_home contains space char
-[ECA-154] - install does not work when JAVA_HOME contain space char
-[ECA-155] - OCSP using CA key does not work with HSMs
-[ECA-156] - binary chars in ejbca-mail-service.xml
-[ECA-160] - display of mail.smtp.host during ant deploy is wrong (cosmetic)
-[ECA-165] - Not possible to remove UnstructuredName from entity profile
-[ECA-167] - CN Postfix doesn't work if UID have the same value or DN is reversed
-[ECA-168] - Hard Token SN search doesn't work with primecard 1.3 >
-[ECA-169] - Hard Token Profiles cannot be cloned
-[ECA-170] - Malformed SVG Template craches the Hard Token Profile pages
-[ECA-171] - Typo in language file
-[ECA-176] - Method CertUtil.getEMailAddress(X509Certificate certificate) hangs jboss
-[ECA-177] - SCEP not working with Netscreen/Juniper boxes
-[ECA-180] - Select, unselect javascript features doesn't work anymort

New Features

-[ECA-109] - Support RSASSA-PSS signatures
-[ECA-140] - Add $UID as a variable to the SVG templates
-[ECA-181] - Javascript checks use unicode for internationlized chars
-[ECA-182] - Possible to select a subset of fields in DN and Subject AltNames in the certificate profiles
-[ECA-186] - Possibility to specify the BasicConstraint path length


-[ECA-146] - Device schema for sun directory server missing X-ORIGIN
-[ECA-159] - Not possible to view historical data in CertReqHistory
-[ECA-161] - easy configuration of smtp auth
-[ECA-163] - Describe how to install com.mysql.jdbc.Driver in the documentation
-[ECA-178] - Better error messages when HSM provider not found
-[ECA-183] - Possible to configure for different JBoss targets
-[ECA-185] - new version of batik lib

01 decembrie 2005

Modify Firefox 1.5 to work with all extensions

Scattered » Modify Firefox 1.5 to work with all extensions is a thing that preocupies my since I tried the first release candidate of Firefox 1.5. I hope that this solution will work for you too.
Good luck !

28 noiembrie 2005


Xerto is a very nice looking application that kept my eyes on their site for about an hour just looking at the different screenshots .. it's a place to visit .. and if you are interested, buy something !
PS: I have no connection with the autors of application or Xerto web site ..

Apache Derby Release

Apache Derby : Apache Derby was released, fixing some of the problems of previous versions.
Enjoy because is a good database ..and is free !